LogicEra: The Esteemed Microsoft Gold Partners in Dubai

Asin Malik
3 min readMar 14, 2022


Learn why LogicEra is the esteemed Microsoft Gold Partner in Dubai.

Do you know why Microsoft Azure Gold Partners are so valuable when it comes to taking support and services for Azure migration? Yeah! Most of us know that. It means a lot to be a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner in Dubai, LogicEra offers all those benefits that a Microsoft Silver Partner doesn’t. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these benefits. So, let’s get started.

#1: LogicEra Delivers the Highest Level of Quality

LogicEra has not become a Microsoft Gold Partner like that. The managed services provider (MSP) has overcome several hurdles thrown by the renowned cloud service provider (CSP), Microsoft Azure. Even the Microsoft Silver Partners go through hurdles but what the Gold Partners have to go through is not only difficult but more in numbers. As a part of the hurdle, there must be at least 15 individuals within the MSP who have cleared the core value tests. Then only, the MSP gets the Gold certification. That’s not all! Over and above that, 5 of those 15 must pass the specialty test. The idea is the process is reiterated every year. This is the reason why LogicEra has some of the best Azure experts in the industry.

#4: LogicEra Offers Proof of Concept

LogicEra is one of the most esteemed and reputed Microsoft Gold Partners in Dubai. The MSP develops demos and offers its clients the proof of concept through the several product licenses it has access to. They kind of give you a test drive before you implement the Azure solution for your business. The proof of concept they provide helps you make your financial commitment a bit meticulously. So, before you put your money at stake, they help you know you are putting it in the safe hands.

#3: LogicEra Remains Up to Date

Every one of us knows that Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing CSP on the planet but not all know that for this the CSP keeps on working harder and smarter. Microsoft’s solutions keep on evolving, which results in the evolution of competency needs related to them. What makes LogicEra a Microsoft Gold Partner in the true sense is that the MSP stays on top of these changes? It successfully leverages the latest Microsoft technology to help its clients make the most out of Microsoft Azure.

#4: LogicEra Has Access to Microsoft Advanced Support

Being at the top of the cloud game and expert at what it provides, LogicEra may not require consulting Microsoft for support as such. However, if the MSP somehow needs to do so, it can connect directly with advanced support partners at Microsoft. Well! This is one more reason why the MSP is renowned for responding as quickly as possible and delivering top-notch support. Don’t forget, LogicEra being a Microsoft Gold Partner can escalate a case if required.

Wrapping Up

What makes LogicEra so valuable is the guarantee of professional expert support it provides. Over the years, the MSP has won the trust of the cloud consumers becoming of the most esteemed Microsoft Gold Partners in Dubai. The cloud services by Microsoft Azure are constantly evolving and so the company keeps on reviewing its partners every year so that they could provide ultimate services to each of their clients directly or indirectly. So, you can rest assured that your transformation project is in one of the safest hands. The best part is LogicEra provides 24*7 support services. So, you are never left unattended. Join hands with LogicEra today, and reap great benefits by making your IT infrastructure future-ready.



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