How LogicEra Can Rescue Your Business from Disaster Strikes?

Asin Malik
3 min readMay 12, 2022


Find out how LogicEra can help you maintain your business continuity when disasters strike.

If your business is on the Azure cloud or you are planning to move to it, don’t forget to include an Azure site recovery in your plan. Almost every business is too specific about protecting their essential IT systems and data. However, not all consider the impact downtime has on their businesses. But did you know, downtime can cost as much as $5,600 a minute? ( Yes! That’s what Gartner’s blog, “The Cost of Downtime” says. (

So, before the downtime becomes too much for your business bottom line to bear, get a Back-Up and Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan in place. For Azure, it would be the Azure site recovery plan. The best way to stay prepared for any kind of disaster is to get a disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) or Azure site recovery offering by a reputed Azure partner like LogicEra. Here are the top four ways LogicEra fulfills all your DRaaS needs.

#1: The Azure Site Recovery Expertise

Being a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, LogicEra has worked with several businesses across industries for years and is familiar with different types of software, systems, network setups, and scenarios. The Azure Managed Services Provider (MSP) has a dedicated team of Azure site recovery experts. The practical domain knowledge along with the DRaaS certifications and courses they own make them stand out from the crowd. They ensure that your business gets up and running quickly from downtime. Whether it is Azure site recovery for Oracle or any other platform, LogicEra provides an all-inclusive Azure site recovery service.

#2: Contract Service Levels

The Azure site recovery team at LogicEra won’t mind going an extra mile to meet the DR goals it has outlined together with you. The MSP strongly believes that delivering good services is not only important because the Service-level agreements (SLAs) need to be met. For them, delivering good services is crucial to maintaining goodwill in the market, which in turn is critical for a flourishing business. By helping you, LogicEra helps itself. Whatever it may be! SLAs are important as they help you establish recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) with regard to DRaaS. While the former tells you how fast you must recover after a downtime event, the latter tells you how much data loss you can tolerate. So, of course, these two metrics make it easier for you to comprehend exactly what hardware and services you need from LogicEra.

#3: Easy Management

Backups are important and it’s good that you know it. However, that’s not enough if you want to keep your business productive in all circumstances. When it comes to Azure site recovery, you need a bit more expertise. Businesses often tend to overlook some very critical factors lying between planning, setup, and management. With LogicEra, all you need to pay attention to is DR planning and its regular testing. You don’t need to worry about anything beyond that. Assessing multiple vendors or learning new solutions is something you can be least bothered about. You aren’t required to research hardware or invest in it. You don’t even have to set up anything. LogicEra bears all such headaches for you and you enjoy all the benefits of an effective Azure site recovery solution.

#4: Value beyond Azure Site Recovery

LogicEra not only offers Azure site recovery services. The MSP is a renowned Microsoft Azure Gold Partner and offers almost all other Azure services. Apart from DRaaS, it brings formidable Azure cloud knowledge and experience to the table so you can shift your focus from your IT infrastructure to your business bottom line. As you go on about Azure site recovery, you must also consider the other ways LogicEra can streamline your systems, increase productivity, and cut the amount of effort, time, and money you put into maintaining your IT systems.

The Final Words

If you are finding an easy and effective approach to Azure site recovery, LogicEra can be the one stop solution for you. The proficiency of its Azure site recovery team will help you easily overcome a failure event. Always keep in mind, that whenever you look for an MSP that provides Azure site recovery, look for the one that provides other Azure cloud services as well. Remember, a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner can always be the best choice.



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