Harness the Power of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

These days businesses across the globe are witnessing great success with business solutions that are given by cloud. They are reshaping the way businesses scale and secure cloud-enabled enterprise applications.

Did you know that 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure to run their businesses smoothly? Using an integrated Azure cloud service, the businesses can build and manage complex functions with ease.

Azure supports various programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, and devices. This allows the business to leverage technologies and tools.

Here are a few reasons to choose Azure for your business -

1. Compliance, Security, and Disaster Recovery — Microsoft clearly understands the importance of security and has designed Azure so that it can stay ahead of the competition. Azure has many certifications of compliance and is the right choice for high-risk industries, such as government and healthcare.

In this case, the users and platform are protected. And additional services can restore the data quickly addressing the business requirements.

2. Expands Your Current IT Infrastructure — Azure extends your current IT infrastructure and allows your IT personnel to focus on your business. They don’t have to worry about in-house capabilities or maintaining overused equipment. The platform makes it easy to deploy current apps with minor issues.

The environment reduces the learning curve, which allows the team to understand the platform quickly. Apart from that, the platform has impressions in other countries as well. This helps them to deliver content faster while optimizing the user experience.

Azure is scalable that can grow with your company, and you only need to pay for your requirements.

3. Specific Industry Applications — Due to the sensitive nature of a few industries, Azure has a few applications that address specific needs. For example, healthcare, financial services, healthcare benefit from Azure’s features, such as individualized security needs and modernized customer applications.

4. Ideal for Established and Small Businesses — From a local store to an MNC, Azure is designed for every business irrespective of their size. It is scalable to meet your IT demands and operates on a pay-as-you-move pricing model.

The businesses can store external and internal applications in the cloud and save in-house IT costs.

5. Leading with IaaS and PaaS — Azure offers rapid movements at the forefront of IaaS and PaaS. The hybrid cloud environment allows the companies to choose whether they want to operate freely or want to utilize a public cloud.

You will also be able to decide the level at which you are connected to the internet. You will be able to meet your service, and IT needs without needing to maintain the infrastructure.

6. Cost-Effective Platform — The model allows you to pay for what you use to build resources using Azure services. This helps in cutting down the IT administration costs since the infrastructure is taken care of by Microsoft on Azure. It helps in connecting data centres to the cloud effectively and supports regions like any other cloud provider.


Other cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services also provide the same features like Microsoft Azure. However, with speed Microsoft is launching new components in Azure, it will gain higher preference over the Azure platform.

Remember, now is the time to move to the cloud.

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Asin is a hard core techie, loves to write about tech and cloud and loves her life in Dubai

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Asin Malik

Asin Malik

Asin is a hard core techie, loves to write about tech and cloud and loves her life in Dubai

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